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    Acil Technologies is the Best Website Designing Company in Gurgaon, which helps us to move your brand development.
    We have an expert bunch of thinkers, designers, and developers that customize Websites, Mobile Applications & Ecommerce Websites. As we are the best & corporate website designers to a lot of business trust on us.

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    We provide a wide range of services to reach your target audience by sharing your information and focus on retaining of your customers.

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    How much do I spend on new website design?

    Of course, the cost of the website design may vary according to the requirements. Also, our prices depend on so many factors to consider. It would be impossible to say the exact price details about the website design. It requires unique and different components to create a new website design. Most of our new website designs run at affordable prices. So, you can hire us anytime and get a quote from our team.

    What will be my website be built on?

    Your websites are built as per the guidance of the content management system. It allows us to make a proper update to your site. It includes exclusive coding language depends on your business needs. Our recommendation is to make useful websites build as per the CMS structure. We include FusionCMS, which will be powerful and extremely easy for us to develop a new website.

    Do I get the graphic design along with the website design?

    Yeah! We will design good graphic outcomes to every website. At the time of designing, we will call you and inform you about the graphic design platforms. We do unlimited revisions before submitting on the deadline. This is also true for our graphic department. We do graphic and logo design along with website design.

    Are your website designs are SEO-friendly?

    Of course, our website designing company in Gurgaon works according to the SEO requirements. But, we followed only SEO tactics and techniques to gain more audiences to the websites. So, we are working for a long time with an SEO structure designed for your website. Our newly built websites are 100% SEO friendly and best practice to gain audiences soon as possible.

    What is my delivery time to launch my website?

    In general, your website will launch depends on the complexities. But our usual turnaround is between 3 to 6months as per the requirements. Depend on the client’s satisfaction, and our websites will launch soon as possible. Of course, customers may provide feedback before the due date. So, we work accordingly and launch your websites.

    Can I update my old websites instead of the new website design?

    If your website has a good and unique physical experience, you can update it from us. Of course, we do updates depends on your requirements. In case you have an old website, we may do updates depends on the current innovation. So, its rise as per the Google rankings and user experience. We care a lot about your budget and do it accordingly. Without any doubt, contact us to update your old websites. We create a benchmark to find out a good time to evaluate options.

    Do I get training on how to use my website?

    If some customers are struggling to use the websites, our Manager and customer care support help you in possible ways. You can ask anything from us, and we will help one to access their websites friendly. So, you can learn to use the CMS and make updates on your websites. We will record this training and help many customers to achieve a good website for their business. So, you can operate efficiently in the future by having our training to use the websites.

    Where should my website be hosted professionally?

    Of course, hosting is the superb choice for every website. You can get pay when your websites are completely hosted. As a result, it gives a chance to meet lots of customers for your business sites. Our website designing company in Gurgaon takes over hosting services for every website and find the right price. You may check the list, and it is entirely usable for one to gain absolute favorite hosts for your business. We bring hosting for your sites depend on the user requirements.

    How can I get content for my site?

    We have a professional and expert team of content developers. They give good content that suits the websites professionally. Also, they update content regularly depends on the requirements. When writing content, we analyze it well and think twice before sharing it to your end. So, you can find the originality in our content writing for your sites. We do it carefully and do updates regularly depends on your requirements. At an additional cost, we will do content writing for you.

    Do you use custom templates?

    Of course, our team is always ready to provide custom templates for every website design. We care a lot, and it depends on the custom tools used before the design. Our team is giving 100% customized websites that suit the requirements quickly. So, you can get complete satisfaction by hiring us for having custom templates on your website design. We are proud to mention it depends on the company’s success.

    What are the responsibilities of a Website Designing Company?

    • We help to choose the best domain related to their business and SEO Factors
    • We help to buy a secure server to clients with necessary things which are included in the server like SSL Certificate, Email Gateway, and Firewall, etc. 
    • We provide an NDA Document between us and the client that we both secure the code he developed is secure and save
    • There will be an agreement between us and the client that the code files, other files provided for design are not used for different clients.
    • We create properly documented files of every application module discussed during proposal approved

    How Client ensure that the Website is working perfectly?

    • Check the website page speed for mobile and web.
    • Verify the server if compatible with our website
    • Need to check that the SSL Certificate and Firewall will be installed on the server
    • Accessibility of the website that the website must be accessible with keyboard keys like Tab and keys also
    • You must check websites with different user types like the educated, uneducated, middle class, or lower-class people or according to your requirement of customers
    • The client makes sure that the website he designed must be tested on multiple browsers.
    • Website must be supported to all devices like tablets, iPhones, Android phones, and large devices also. A lot of clients test their website on the laptop and own mobile phone only which show issue to others. We need to make sure that the website designed must be tested on all old and new version devices
    • Code quality by hiring someone because code quality is important if you want to develop more functionality. If bad coding is used then a lot of money and effort is used to develop a small functionality.

    Content Need to Prepare before hiring a Website Designing Company in Gurgaon?

    • List of Competitor’s website while hiring before a website designing company.
    • Create a rough sketch idea of what we want to create
    • Check the other website ideas and the way they build a website and create something new according to them
    • The logo must be designed while start the website because in most cases color scheme will be completely dependent on the logo design
    • Choose a color scheme if the logo not design. Color scheme will according to our business. Well, a Website Designing Company will help you to choose that.
    • All website categories, subcategories, and information pages you want to design then you need to prepare a list of those pages.
    • Prepare functionalities and features list which needs to be included in the website design.

    How do you estimate the website designing of your projects?

    Website Designing will be divided into multiple pages, a few of them are simple and a few of them have heavy design structures so estimation will not be the same. There are few steps to get the estimated cost for your website 

    • Prepare a List of complex pages need to be design and creativity will be required.
    • Need to work on technologies used to create this website.
    • Paid images and paid fonts are count during the estimation of website design.
    • Domain, Hosting, Firewall and SSL Certificate Costs will be chargeable.
    • Email Account provided will be chargeable.
    • If Website Design is Dynamic then need to check the backend Technologies used.
    • Get the detailed price list from a Website Designing Company to create an estimation of your products.

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