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In this age of technical supremacy, life comes to a standstill without a smartphone. Now, everyone starting from the kid to an adult is glued to a phone screen and in order to make this experience more entertaining and useful, you require the mobile apps. We, ACIL Technologies, a leading brand in this field, understand this craze and so are eager to offer you some exciting apps for your I-phone.

Our iOS Development Company in Gurgaon team is well experienced and efficient to create apps that are compatible with the new as well as the old phones. We understand that in this age, your business should reach to people through the devices in their hand and so set out to create exact apps. In order to witness the creativity of our team, you need to hire us and our services.

About our iPhone App Development Services

Technologies have become search that now you can perform the most important as well the trivial things using mobile apps. So, in order to let you use your phone for multiple works, we come up with innovative app solutions. Our team of developers are well acquainted with the hardware system of Apple and thus can create apps that will improve the reputation of the mobile set. Our knowledge in the sectors like Cocoa Touch, Core Audio, Core Graphics, Core Animation, Webkit programming, SDK, Core Location Framework, GPS, Xcode IDE and many more etc. provides us with the necessary skill to provide you an unforgotten experience.

We not only make apps for any certain field or industry rather we love challenging ourselves and to work on various topics to prove our versatility. Moreover, we not only limit our services with the app creation but also assist you in the maintenance work to ensure a smooth flow of work. We have coupled with many local and global brands and have extended our iPhone app development services in Gurgaon to them. Our competence lies in creating useful and custom-made medical, fitness, social networking, gaming, travel, hotel, educational and many more apps for the I-pads or I-phones with iOS platforms. Glimpse through our apps to know about our services.

Appreciated Apps of ours

When our developers team up to create an app then their concern lies on both the utility and entertainment points. They choose the perfect UI and UX designs to produce a user-friendly app that gains popularity in no time. ACIL Technologies has launched numerous apps and some of our most appreciated genres are:

  • M-commerce Applications for iPhones

Nowadays, more businessmen are willing to make their presence felt in the virtual world and for that, they are depending highly on the apps. Our experienced team for iPhone m-commerce app development creates attractive apps through which you can shop for your needs even while traveling or going to work. This saves your time and brings to you the best of the market at a lesser price. Apart from shopping, we can also create apps for other commercial purposes like mobile banking, managing business, accounts, product catalog organization and many more.

  • Gaming Applications

Being in the field for quite a few years, we get the pulse of our clients and customers well. We know what the game enthusiasts crave for in their games and we aim at improving that particular experience with our rich apps in both 3D and 2D. Our gaming applications have the best background score with attractive graphics and a speed which makes the gamers happy. You can make smooth moves in various games like that of cards, racing, shooting, action and many more.

  • Widget Applications

Our mobile developers team up with the UX/UI architects to come up with brilliant widget solutions as per the requirements of the apps. We run proper tests through our quality assurance team to make sure that these widgets function properly without any error or bugs in them and then offer these to you.

  • Enterprise Applications

Each enterprise and corporations have a need of their own and our team offering iPhone app development services have tailor-made solutions as per your requirements. We combine our business logic with the technicalities to come up with the best solution that benefits your work. Our apps are secure, easily manageable and well maintained.

Additional Services

Launching an app is not the end of all responsibilities rather it is just an effect of various factors which we, ACIL Technologies keep in mind before crafting out the app. We offer two attractive services which make us a popular iPhone Developers in Gurgaon.

  • Optimization of App Store

You will come across numerous apps in the Apple App store, iTunes, all of which will prove to be extremely beneficial. So, we optimize your apps in all possible ways to give it rank and reorganization. We optimize the title of the app and also certain keywords to make sure that your app name crops up frequently when the users are searching for such similar apps. We also localize the keywords in other popular languages other the English, so that more people can relate to it. Moreover, we optimize screenshots and icons to make the correct impact.

  • Maintenance Services

To ensure the smooth running of our apps, our customer care executives at ACIL Technologies are always alert. Our iPhone app Maintenance team is ready to provide you with all kinds of technical assistance, support, data recovery and backups, maintenance of codes, upgradation of technology etc.


  • A dedicated, adept and experienced team of developers to cater simple yet effective projects.
  • Extremely scalable, innovative and custom-made apps with powerful features.
  • Properly tested, bug-free applications that run smoothly without error.
  • Assured approval by iTunes and a successful run with high returns.
  • Cost-effective consumption with uninterrupted technical support.

So, if you are thinking of having an app of your own, then you must always trust the best in the business. We at ACIL Technologies offer you guaranteed superior services at a reasonable rate. So, try our iPhone App Development Services ASAP!

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