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ASP.NET Web Development Services

Extreme advancement in technology is making people more and more aware of the advantages of online stores. Whether you are a merchant of products or services, be it in the fields of travel, food, education or shopping, online stores attract a wide range of customers and ensure better and fuller exposure. Along with having a retail establishment, a website that informs potential customers about your offered product or service will sure increase your sales and help you make a name in the market.

However, as an increasing number of people start extending their business online, the need for innovation is even more now. Competitive market trends and the urge to stay ahead of them at the same time necessitates easy and effective web development structures that cater to the requirements of merchants. Therefore, the demand for constant innovations. As a result, various web development companies now focus on pioneering customised applications. Though the most important point to be kept in mind while developing an application is still a complete and proper understanding of the nature of the business that to be conducted, the next important point is to select the best technological platform for the development process that would follow.

For this very purpose, and strategic tracking of the market trends, Microsoft has come up with Asp.Net. It is a dynamic framework created by Microsoft Corporation to create websites that are rich and flexible to meet the demands of clients. Cited as the best server-side scripting technology, Asp.Net is the most useful and beneficial platform to create unique web pages that can be viewed on multiple web browsers.

Using the Asp.Net framework, Acil Technologies creates for its clients, reliable and flexible applications that are compelling and unique in approach to give that assured boost to your website and also, consequently, to your business. We provide the best .Net Development Services by combining both the frameworks of ASP and ASP.NET.

The advantages of the Asp.Net framework are manifold. They include:-

  • Speed and Efficiency

We at Acil Technologies have dedicated teams with expertise in working with Asp.Net framework. This framework easily simplifies complicated codes associated with complex applications. Coding time is effectively reduced which eases the building of large web applications. With increased speed in coding, efficiency is not very far behind. This is inclusive of:

  • In-time compilation
  • Native optimisation
  • Smart caching technologies
  • Application specific configuration
  • Early binding
  • Effectiveness

Using this framework, we will provide you with cost-effective solutions to your web-development requirements. Asp.Net allows itself regular and constant updates to meet the dynamic technological demands. Development also becomes easier as registering of components is no longer required. The information regarding configuration in-built within the system.

  • Easy to Maintain

Our team of experienced developers work easily with this high performing framework. They have profound knowledge regarding scalability and maintenance of the Asp.Net framework so that end product is perfected without flaws. As this framework incorporates HTML and source code together, maintaining and writing pages becomes a swift process. Moreover, since the source code is implemented on the server itself, your web pages become more flexible and powerful.

  • Thorough Monitoring

If one particular process falls dead, our team of experts in the Asp.Net framework will create a new one in its place automatically. The framework continuously monitors components, pages and, applications that are running. Handling of requests also becomes prompt and easy with this feature.

  • Security

With constant monitoring of activities, the framework allows programs to restart itself if it notices or comes across any illegal activities. It has built-in authentication of Windows that makes the programs all the more secure and safe. So, you do not have to worry about any security risks in the future as we will ensure full implementation of the advantages of the Asp.Net framework. Any memory leaks, loops and wrong behaviour is immediately traced and removed.

  • It is an ideal server-side scripting technology. This will allow the Asp.Net code to run first of the Windows server before displaying of the same on the web browser.
  • Being language independent, the framework makes sure any programming language can be chosen, that is best suited to the type of application.
  • The program logic and content are separated in this framework. Therefore, programming inconveniences are effectively reduced.

Making the fullest use of the advantages, we cater to the following kinds of clients:

  • .NET Framework Clients

These are Windows applications accessing application services over HTTP, by using the model infrastructure of the provider.

  • AJAX Clients

These are .aspx files that, running in the browser, access application services from the script of the client. Typically, AJAX clients use JSON format for the exchanging of data.

  • Soap Clients

Useful for clients that run on other operating systems or using other technologies (such as JAVA), these clients access application through SOAP 1.1.

So, if you want to make the fullest use of this highly innovative and effective framework to power up your websites or any online project, Acil Technologies is the best web development service provider. We have a highly experienced and dedicated team of developers who strive toward providing you with nothing but the best and most efficient.

With immeasurable benefits, the .Net framework is a treat to work with. It is a widely used developing framework that can be effectively utilised for the creation of enterprise level web applications. The Asp.Net framework provides for multiple advantages and wide-ranging choice of solutions that will cater to the variety of needs and demands. Our team with exclusive expertise in the ASP.NET Application Development area are extremely proficient in meting out the advantages entailed within the system and will provide you with an efficient, easy to handle, cost-effective and highly functional web applications.

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