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We have enabled and enfranchised numerous brands and businesses of all sizes with engaging websites that are set to impress.

  • Highly Scalable
  • Great Performance
  • Superbly Flaxible
  • Multitasking
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How Do We Create Success Optimized Magento Stores?

Magento Optimization

As a Magneto Development Company in India, we are equipped with a wholesome and holistic set of skills that are best for creating web applications, virtual storefronts, and mobile apps. Our digital solutions are created out of a mix of design thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

  • We know that each project is unique and has its own specific requirements. Hence, we tailor-made solutions for each project differently.

  • Every project we undertake is treated like our own. Big or small every, every task is our priority.

How Our Magento Solutions 2X Powerful?

  • Multichannel Approach

    Our brand practices an omnichannel or multichannel approach in all its exercises. This gives a smooth and seamless user experience and makes it easier for clients to navigate through our channels. The multichannel approach makes it easier to score all our tactical and strategic milestones.

  • Multivendor marketplace

    Magento Development Company in Gurgaon offers its users a multivendor market place that essentially gives space to numerous third-party vendors to use our platforms while Magento acts as a responsible intermediary. The retailers can conduct their business while we will maintain proper checks and balances.

  • Integration Solutions

    Having an e-commerce platform is not enough, an online business owner also needs special features that tie the virtual business together. Magento Development in Delhi provides its clients with features such as enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, shipping, and payments to get perfect outcomes.

3 Phases Magento Development Cycle


Designing Phase

Converting notions into reality

  • Designing Phase

    We sit and brainstorm with our clients about the next course of action and plan how we are going to proceed with web store solutions.

  • Magneto Design Phases
  • Investigation

    The initial meetings and problem discussions are followed by an investigation where we conduct market research and competitive analysis.

  • Broad Framework

    Our team of designers meticulously plan and present a design framework that helps in executing the requirements of the client in a feasible plan of action.

  • Inspection

    Once a design is prepared, Magento Development in Delhi runs a user test to see its shortcomings and results and see what can be improved and altered.

  • Final Design

    After we run a pilot test and make suitable adjustments we are left with a final design. With the help of illustrations and other visuals, we present the main look of the website.


Development Phase

Modeling the Store's look

  • Front-end web development

    Our expert designers make sure that our clients get a brand-defining aesthetic. We have designers and illustrators who bring all your creative imaginative into a practical user-friendly interface. As Magneto Development Company in India, we are equipped and well versed in front-end web development that includes software such as Angular, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and JQuery. These software merged with our skilled designers are sure to manifest our wildest design dreams into a reality.

  • Magento Development

    We have a myriad of services that present numerous solutions that give your business verticals a new lease on digital life. We have in past undertaken expansive projects and have delivered the best results. Our creative and ingenious solutions are built collaboratively with your inputs that make sure that the end project aligns with your needs. The applications and website portals that we create have excellent reception, an incredibly user-friendly interface, and a remarkable aesthetic that leaves a lasting impression with Magento Development in Delhi.

  • Magento Development Phases
  • Final testing and execution

    Once a website is ready we test its security features, functionality, and ease of use. We then move to deployment when these stages are cleared.


Escalation Phase

Non-stop engine of growth

  • Magento Optimization Phases
  • Technical guidance and maintenance

    It’s not like we give you a website and that marks the end of our collaboration. We keep giving you website upgradations and ensure all security norms are in place.

  • Marketing

    Having a great website is not enough in today’s world, it also needs a healthy dose of marketing. Therefore, we make sure to give your online projects a marketing plan that puts the limelight on your virtual ventures.

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Our Diversified Set of Magento Development Services

  • Magento Website Development

    By selecting Magento Development Company in Gurgaon you will be signing up for excellent website content creation. You will have a team of experienced designers, strategists, and market experts who will be there to guide your website’s development at every stage. The websites we create have an impressive and substantial record of high responsiveness, customer engagement, and content management.

  • Magento Module Development

    We present customized store modules with the help of blocks, controllers, and models that are set to make your project stand out. We understand and give value to intricate details and nuances of each project and specialize in customization.

  • Custom Magento Solutions

    We specialize in creating an online store from the ground. We perfectly deliver on sprucing up the existing plain interface and design of your website. Additionally, we can skillfully manage all tasks related to the integration and migration of third party API amongst other things.

  • Shopping Cart Development

    Shopping Cart Development is a very much ignored but important part of having an online business. As Magento Development Company in Gurgaon, we make sure that the check out and billing experience of the seller and the purchaser is conducted with utmost security and ease.

  • Shipping and Payment Gateway Integration

    If your website lacks shipping and payment integration then the development of your website is incomplete. We make sure shipping and payment are made easier by adding third party gateways such as Google Pay, Paypal, etc to reach a wider audience base.

  • Magento Theme Development

    As Magneto Development Company in India, we understand the importance of attracting traffic on one’s website and online domain. Even if you have an excellent online portal, it will not be able to yield proper results if you are unable to get enough eyeballs on it. With apt SEO optimization, cross border support, and W3C compliance, Magento makes sure that you are getting the audience and attention that your online entity deserves.

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Magento Development Company in Delhi, Gurgaon, India

In order to make the online business a success, one needs to survey the market properly to understand the needs as well as the trends present in the society. The new software is always in the run, to improve the brand condition and customer experience. If your business is not making the desired impact and your profits are lacking, then you must incorporate some catalysts which will enhance the services and features and accelerate the pace.
Magento is one such software which can work wonders for your business portal and you can hire an expert in this regard to get the best results. We at ACIL Technologies are ready to take up all your worry and boost your business with our best Magento Development services in Gurgaon. Just make room for us and see our efficiency.

Magneto Moves

Before hiring the developers, you must have an idea about the benefits that you will be able to enjoy if you embrace Magento. This software is designed especially for the e-commerce purpose with PHP inscription. This open-source platform is not only easy to work with but also improves the experiences with a filtered search. It is customizable, so can blend to offer you the needed thing with superior search engine optimization. The easy-third party integration and the mobile-friendly configuration also make it a hit. Even though you are not into business, you can utilize this platform to publish attractive advertisements.
This multiple advantages will undoubtedly provide a strong base to your website and so having this on board is the wise decision. But you must not risk your reputation by hiring a novice or inexperienced company, as it can have a negative impact which will again take time to correct. Plus, we are there, as a top Magento development Company in Gurgaon,you need not worry. We will always strive to customize the best possible solution for you and your brand’s success.


We are an experienced company working in this domain for quite a few years. Since we understand the nuances of the matters well, so we constituted our team in a manner so as to offer quality services to our clients. With a team of talented developers, we offer numerous Magento developing services including-

  • Magento custom theme integration and design,
  • Custom Magento development
  • Redesigning of Magento store
  • Magento theme customization
  • Magento Support
  • Integration of Payment module and custom shopping.

We try to offer you a complete Magento package at an affordable pricing and our professionals help us in doing the same. We have successfully developed and designed numerous websites which are now enjoying a smooth run. So, if you wish to enjoy the same, then just choose us. We have a seamless way of working with our clients. We after understanding your brand and its requirements, appoint the most suitable developer in the duty to turn your dreams into reality.
Moreover, our services exhibit that we don’t limit our assistance just to the developing and launching of a new website. We are always there to offer any kind of support during an incident. We are equally capable of re-designing any old website with better features, plug-ins and improved results.

About our Designers

We are well aware of the actual worth of an experienced and talented designer and so, we make it a point to make such individuals a part of our team. A creative person reads any situation well and acts on it instantly to come up with a unique, accurate and user-friendly solution that certainly will reap results. We trust our designers on their efficiency and you can trust on this, as the moment you interact with our team, you will rest assured.
According to your needs, our designers will create, customize, and implement features and different modules. Next, they include those on the Magento website to see it works. Magento is not static software rather it has its advanced versions and our people have deft knowledge about those and know how to customize them also. The experienced Magento Developers of ACIL know how to integrate all the versions with payment gateways and third party workings, so as to offer a hassle-free experience to the customers.

Reasons you can’t ignore

We have some strong points and you can’t just avoid such attractive features. These features not only vouch for our dedication and work-quality but also puts us a notch higher than our competitors. We untiringly work, in order to make our clients happy and that in it is a huge reason to trust us. The others are:

  • A strong team of knowledgeable Magento designers and Programmers.
  • Instant replacement of developers if not satisfied with the quality of work.
  • Flexible timing with dedicated work for 160 hours each month.
  • Efficient developers with a complete idea about SEO customization for e-commerce solutions.
  • Expert at tuning and analyzing the performance of the e-commerce sites with ready solutions to address any drawback.
  • Has in-depth knowledge in the developing custom Magento module.
  • Complete hand-coded markup with the guaranteed satisfaction of the client.
  • Tailor-made responsive solutions as per the needs with complete flexibility on all devices.

The Magento websites even after the development from the same platform can act in a different manner. So, if you want to be completely sure about the success, smooth survival and seamless integration with other parties of your website, then you should hire a trusted agency like us.


It is high time that you understand the needs of your business and do something to address that. The least you can do is contact us and we guarantee you that we, won’t let you down. It is very easy to reach us. You can call, mail or video chat with us to discuss your business and aspirations and we, ACIL Technologies will ponder on that and get back to you in no time.
We fall in the top ten Magento Development Company in India and you must give us a chance to show you what we have got for you!

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