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Mobile APPs can pave the way to recognize, target and efficiently interact with users, for businesses and startups. ACIL, a Mobile app development company in Gurgaon is helping you build a long-lasting relationship between your brand and its audience through its customized Mobile APP Service in Delhi NCR.

  • UI/UX Design
  • Hybrid App Development
  • IoT
  • PWA
  • Web App Development
  • Mobile Strategy

Converting Ideas into Reality with 500+ Clientele

Providing the best Mobile APP Development in India

  • iOS App Development

    We have built exceptional iOS Mobile Apps for various businesses globally. iOS app development is a profitable method to add more revenue to your business. There is a huge market of users on the iOS platform who are good earners. We help you target them better with our custom APP solutions.

  • Android APP Development

    You can unlock the possible dimension of your business with our Android App development services. Android apps let you connect a huge percentage of people that can be your potential customers. At ACIL, We build android apps for businesses ensuring a user-friendly interface and exciting features.

  • Cross-platform Mobile Apps

    Maximize the potential of your business idea by building a cross platform APP for your business so that both android and iOS users can connect with you. It becomes easier for you as a business as well, as you can connect with both the user categories at the same time.

  • Game Development

    Gaming APP Development requires an extensive professional team of developers that ACIL offers to clients. Our pack of tech hunters hunts for these complex 2D/3D games where they can fully utilize their skills. You just need to share your game idea and requirements with us and consider it done.

  • Hybrid App Development

    Hybrid mobile can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store depending on the mobile device. Our team has expertise in developing professional hybrid apps catering to the requirements of the client and easy interface for the user.

  • Progressive App Development

    Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the ones that provide an app like experience on mobile devices. ACIL gives your user the freedom to download a space savvy app rather than having a heavy app. We integrate alluring features and functionalities to make your user experience incredible.

  • Wearable App Development

    The coming decade is going to be about wearable gadgets and that's how wearable apps come into the scene. ACIL is an ever evolving company and we know how to match up with trends and always create something unparalleled.

  • AR/VR App Development

    Snapchat has made AR/VR technology reach every household, upcoming trends will consist of integrating AR/VR with different business especially product oriented businesses. ACIL encourages brands to collaborate and get these APPs developed as the future is Here!

  • AI/IoT/Blockchain App Development

    ACIL knows how mobile app development in Gurgaon is taking a turn to technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain, etc. Our developers have expertise in creating futuristic mobile applications built with these modern technologies.

How choosing us would advantage you?

  • Attractive UI/UX

  • Advanced Features

  • Faster Deployment

  • Technical & Creative Team

  • Customer Support

Why should you trust ACIL?

What makes us a recognized service provider for Mobile APP Development in India

  • Client Satisfaction

    As a trusted mobile app development company in Gurgaon, Client satisfaction is our utmost priority, we provide customized solutions under your budget. We assign individual project managers for each of our clients so that none of your requirements go unchecked and you get a quality product and our bond remains forever with you.

  • Working Model

    We believe in transparency, we keep it across our clients and internal teams. We adopt a working model that lets us manage our work priorities, scope, and development lifecycle efficiently. Our work model enables us to deliver a quality product in the required timeline.

  • Regular Reports

    We don’t believe in making fake promises and false commitments, what we promise reflects in our reports too. We as the best mobile application service provider in Gurgaon NCR provides our clients with regular reports so that they are always updated about the progress of their project.

  • Resource Allocation

    We have a highly qualified team of experts who always drive for excellence but even then if you feel a specific resource is not suitable according to your requirements you can let us know about the same, our team will take appropriate action on it. Similarly, if you want a particular resource on

  • Support & Maintenance

    Being one of the best Mobile Application Development Company in Gurgaon we believe in not just delivering the APP on time but also providing the required support for it. We have required packages for the same so that one is always assured about the maintenance of their APP.

  • Experienced Team

    ACIL being an established Mobile app service provider in Gurgaon, we have a team of experienced and diligent app developers who understand every aspect of mobile app development. Our proficient team has created numerous successful mobile apps for various businesses.

  • Dedicated Project Manager

    We value our customers and we ensure there is no communication gap between our clients and us. Pertaining to that we assign a dedicated project manager to each of our clients who used to be the point of contact throughout the project and will be responsible for all the project dealings.

  • Light and secure app interface

    We create futuristic mobile applications that are light in size and heavy in functionalities and security. We look for an optimum resource and battery consumption. Our developers not only deliver you a quality app but also provide you a scalable interface for your future requirements.

  • Excellence

    We are known for our best mobile app services in India. We not only deliver every project efficiently but also drive for excellence. We are committed to providing the solutions that are futuristic and innovative and as per our client’s requirement thus proving useful to their business.

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Mobile App development Company in Gurgaon

Mobile App Development

ACIL Technologies, a place where we care about your Mobile needs and requirements. Nowadays, having an Mobile isn’t really a big deal, is it? So, it is definitely not a surprise when we say that Mobile applications are the rage right now. So, you would definitely be missing out on different benefits and sales opportunities if your business isn’t equipped with an iPhone app. Well, the future of the business world lies in the hands of such apps. Whether it is Android or iPhone, apps govern most of the online world nowadays. So, wouldn’t it be a great idea if you have a stylish new app for your business? It is even better if you have an app for Mobile.

FAQ’s – Mobile App Development Company in Gurgaon

What is the cost to develop a Mobile App?

The cost depends upon the functionality you required in Mobile App. A simple eCommerce Mobile App will charge approx. 20,000 – 40,000.

Which platform is used to develop a Mobile App?

Nowadays React Native is the Most popular to develop a mobile application because it creates two different platforms in one language. Earlier For Android, Mobile App Development Company used Java and for IOS they used Swift Programming. But nowadays React Native can be made on both apps with the same source code.

How much time will take to develop a Mobile App?

The Average time will take 3-4 weeks to develop an app. Well, it depends upon the functionality you required. But a basic app will be developed in 3-4 weeks approx.

Will Mobile App Development Company in Gurgaon provides SOA and Document. Can we take the source files?

Yes, Our Mobile App Development Company in Gurgaon will provide all documents and functionality documents related to the app before starting the projects. The code files which were developed for you will deliver after the project is complete. We will sign a non-disclosure agreement between you and our company

Which Platform is better to develop a Mobile App – React or Android?

Well, if you are looking for two apps android and iOS on a low budget then you need to go with React Native Mobile App. It gave you two app at one cost. If you are going to only one app then you can choose any one of them.

Will Acil provides us support after the delivery of the project?

Yes, Of course, Our Mobile App Development Company will provide you Three Months’ full support after the app delivery. If you face any problems then you can contact with us

Can a Mobile App Development Company redesign my existing Mobile App?

Yes, we can redesign the existing Mobile App, Will check the source files provided by the client and make a cost estimation of redesign Mobile App. Then after we start redesign work after approval.

What will be the charges after the Mobile App is Developed?

Charges are depending upon the work or changes provided by you. Will if there will be any designing work then we will charge 500-800 Per hour and for development, we will charge approx. 800-1000 Per hour.

What is the Payment Method which developed a Mobile App?

Our Mobile App development company will make payments according to client satisfaction. We will take payment in different phases of delivery.

  • Few initial payments while Proposal Approved.
  • Then after we take payment when Design Approved by you.
  • Few payments will take while the development ongoing
  • The final payment will release post go live.

If I was not satisfied with previous company work, what files do I need to take to develop an existing application for your Mobile App Development Company?

Suppose if you are not satisfied to current company work then you need to handover few things: –

  • You can ask to deliver all source codes files used to develop a Mobile App.
  • Need a proper document of all API Files used to developed Mobile App
  • Get all design files related to your mobile app
  • Need all backed source files.

Mobile App Development Like Never Before

We are the leading providers of Mobile app development and we truly believe in the concept that an iPhone app for a business is really necessary. Even statistics show that more than 80% of the world’s population spends their time either on Mobile or smartphones. That makes the Mobile apps an important part of a business agenda right? Worry not people, with ACIL Technologies you have got the ultimate buddy for Mobile  App development Company in Gurgaon. You can have faith in our services as we provide the best and it is evident from the results that you get once you choose us.

With the help of our Mobile App Company, you get to have:
• A better engagement from the clients
• Increased percentage of sales for your business
• Online brand awareness
• An opportunity to connect properly with the customers that are always on-the-go

Do you want to benefit from these advantages? Then your time starts now. Go to the ACIL Technologies website and choose our services to get the best benefits that are available right there. We are your go-to solution site for having the best Mobile app development services and techniques. We have got a special team of developers and designers that are ready for any challenges that are thrown at them. We have the best practices down with the amazing services that we provide. Come and have a look at the greatness that is ACIL Technologies. We are sure that you would absolutely fall in love with the amazing Mobile app development services that we have in store for you. Why not make a call right now.
For good company and great services, you know where to go right? ACIL Technologies is the place for you my friend.

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