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Website Designing Company in Gurgaon

Acil Technologies is basically a bunch of tech hunters. We plan and predict your upcoming big design necessary for brand development. Our company has a friendly and efficient bunch of thinkers, techies, and a bunch of thinkers.

  • We constantly deliver website designing services for eCommerce, mobile applications, and other platforms. 
  • We deliver services for a corporate firm or a startup company
  • We offer a complete range of affordable website designing as well as website development services
  • we design SEO-friendly websites so that you can get more traffic for your website
  • We focus on choosing short, lucid, yet catchy website designing techniques. This is crucial these days since people search for easily navigable websites

Be it any non-profit organization or any growing business, websites play a significant role in the growth of businesses. Being a popular website designing company we listen, adapt, and work with clients for creating websites.

With our big approach, it enabled us to communicate with our clients. Discussing marketing and their offering through a website designing company in Gurgaon, we put our best efforts to make your business successful. As a result, you will be able to receive unparalleled ROI.

From the initial process of collecting inputs from clients, planning, to making the final implements, we do everything.

Our experts at Acil Technologies focus on designing interactive and fast-developing website layouts.

What are the responsibilities of a Website Designing Company?

  • Website Designing Company in Gurgaon helps the client to choose the best domain related to their business and SEO Factors. It makes sure that the company name is similar to the domain name or meaningful.
  • We help to buy a secure server to clients with necessary things which are included in the server like SSL Certificate, Email Gateway, and Firewall, etc. 
  • We provide an NDA Document between us and the client that we both secure the code he developed is secure and save
  • There will be an agreement between us and the client that the code files, other files provided for design are not used for different clients.
  • We create properly documented files of every application module discussed during proposal approved
  • We share a proper excel document where the deadline will be share between, us and you. It is easy to understand the deadline of projects
  • We provide a wireframe of home pages and inner pages which help the client to understand the flow and structure of the complete application.
  • Our Website Designing Company in Gurgaon will provide the mockup design of the Web Application after the wireframe approval. We Provide 3-4 design for homepage and other pages design which mentioned in the document.
  • After design approval, we provide UX Testing and User Testing which help to know the design will be compatible with the user experience. It helps us to understand that product accessibility.
  • Our Website Designing Company have own testing team, they will test the website by manual and automation also
  • We provide the final testing before and after they go live process.
  • While the project will finish and the client is happy, we provide free support maintenance for 2-3 months

How Client ensure that the Website is working perfectly?

  • You need to check the website page speed for mobile and web. There are serval tools of google which help you to check the page performance. A few of them are GT Metrix, Google Page Speed
  • You need to check the server if compatible with our website, the page performance when low internet connection also and multiple users at one time.
  • The client must check that the SSL Certificate and Firewall will be installed on the server where the website is hosted
  • The client needs to check the accessibility of the website that the website must be accessible with keyboard keys like Tab and keys also
  • You must check websites with different user types like the educated, uneducated, middle class, or lower-class people or according to your requirement of customers. It helps us to increase the user experience
  • The client makes sure that the website he designed must be tested on multiple browsers. A lot of customers open websites on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and internet explorer. It makes sure that the website must be tested with all supportive browsers
  • We need to check that the website must be supported to all devices like tablets, iPhones, Android phones, and large devices also. A lot of clients test their website on the laptop and own mobile phone only which show issue to others. We need to make sure that the website designed must be tested on all old and new version devices
  • The client needs to check the code quality by hiring someone because code quality is important if you want to develop more functionality. If bad coding is used then a lot of money and effort is used to develop a small functionality.

Content Need to Prepare before hiring a Website Designing Company in Gurgaon?

  • The client needs to check their competitor’s website while hiring before a website designing company.
  • He needs to prepare a rough sketch idea of what we want to create which helps to more clearly understand the requirement.
  • You must check the other website ideas and the way they build a website and create something new according to them
  • You need to check the bad factor of competitor websites which you improve to design your website
  • The logo must be designed while start the website because in most cases color scheme will be completely dependent on the logo design
  • You need to choose a color scheme if the logo not design. Color scheme will according to our business. Well, a Website Designing Company will help you to choose that.
  • All website categories, subcategories, and information pages you want to design then you need to prepare a list of those pages.
  • The client needs to prepare functionalities and features list which needs to be included in the website design.

How do you estimate the website designing of your projects?

Website Designing will be divided into multiple pages, a few of them are simple and a few of them have heavy design structures so estimation will not be the same. There are few steps to get the estimated cost for your website 

  • We need to prepare how many complex pages need to be design and creativity will be required. Like for a Website – Home Page, Content Pages, Account Pages, Category, Pages, etc.
  • Need to prepare the technologies used to create this website. Costing may be varying according to the technologies used by and Website Designing Company in Gurgaon.
  • Paid images and paid fonts are count during the estimation of website design.
  • Domain, Hosting, Firewall and SSL Certificate Costs will be chargeable. You need to check the server cost and domain cost to get a proper estimation.
  • Email Account provided will be chargeable.
  • If Website Design is Dynamic then need to check the backend Technologies used. For Framework and Custom, Coding costs will be different.
  • In Framework Multiple Functionality is inbuilt so please check before estimation of costing that the functionality you need is it default or custom functionality which made by a Website Designing Company in Gurgaon 
  • Prepare a List of Back-end Modules while estimating Cost because back-end costing will be varying according to the no of modules developed for creating a Website Design.
  • Get the detailed price list from a Website Designing Company to create an estimation of your products.

If these steps follow during the estimation, then you get the approx. prices of your products and you can choose a Right Website Designing Company in Gurgaon

Services Provided in our Website Designing Company

Your search for a reliable web design company ends with us. With us, you will walk out with modern-day websites, which will offer you a leading edge in the industry. We have an excellent group of graphic & Website designers working for us to create excellent layout concepts depending on market trends, client requirements, etc.

Website Designing for Responsive Website

Responsive website designing is one of the significant approaches that suggest websites should respond to the behavior of the website. At Acil Technologies, we practice this website designing method that consists of flexible layouts, grids, images, and CSS media queries. We understand that users these days are active on smartphones. Due to this reason, our experts design mobile responsive websites. Therefore, users can instantly switch from their laptops to tablets and smartphones, without compromising on website responsiveness. Precisely, your websites will have smart technology that will immediately respond according to user preference.

Website Designing for CMS Based

CMS is mainly software, which is used for managing and creating websites. We understand that not everyone is a professional in handling business websites. Due to this reason, we make CMS-based website designing. Keeping in mind your needs, We know people face problems with free CMS like wordpress, magento, drupal, opencart, pestoshop, etc. for easy website design. we at Acil Technologies design CMS Based website as well as solve free CMS-based tool errors.

Website Designing for Ecommerce Websites

IT sectors made significant advancements that led to the widespread growth of e-stores so that people can browse and shop for products. We at Acil Technologies understand the scenario that helped us to be the best eCommerce website designing company.

We constantly check user behaviour to delivery to best website design. Things we like to cover in designing of ecommerce website are:

  • Product image sections
  • Product description box in proper table format
  • Reviews section be single sight understandable
  • Buy Now and Checkout buttons available at right place to understand total bills
  • Section of Offers, discounts, & promo codes with their description placed with right space on page so that user can read to clearly understand your given information.
  • Creating Filter options so that customers can cover up their decisions without moving to another pages.

Website Designing for Magento Websites

It is an eCommerce platform, which is built on open source technology. Magento is useful for the merchants as it offers a flexible shopping cart system along with a control on the look, functionality as well as content of the online store. We understand that there are uncountable aspects to configure when running an online store. Due to this reason, we offer our exclusive website designing service for Magento websites.

Website Designing for WordPress Websites

It is one of the famous, powerful, and lucid content management systems, which millions of web developers use throughout the globe. From enhancing the look of your WordPress website to its functioning, we handle everything. Wordpress designing people look with external plugins which may harm thousands of website every year. We do website designing by creating our custom theme and plugin which constantly make your website load fast and malicious free designs.

Website Designing for React Js Websites

React JS is used for designing user interfaces with JavaScript for various platforms. We at Acil Technologies use React JS for designing web applications. Since it comes with a component-based approach. We easily generate dynamic designs with React JS using exclusive tools. 

Website Designing for Node Js Websites

One of the main ideas of using Node.js is using non-blocking as well as event-driven I/O for staying lightweight as well as efficient in the face of data. Compared to various traditional web-serving techniques, Node.js is one of the useful techniques. Due to this reason, our trained experts use Node.js for website designingNo matter what you need, you can come to us regarding your website designing problems.

Website Designing for Mobile Websites

Having a website does not mean that it will work efficiently on smartphones or tablets. Mobile website designing requires good analysis of user movement on mobile devices. Moreover, Google these days prioritizes mobile-friendly websites. Besides, customers these days always use smartphones for meeting their needs. Our team of experts understands this concern. Due to this reason, we work for designing mobile websites, simultaneously we maintain cache optimization. So fill form, To Get Quote for mobile designing company in gurgaon.

Website Designing for Laravel Websites

Laravel is an open-source framework, which is used for creating PHP websites. Not only it is available for free but also offers a myriad of features.

Why Acil Technologies offer website designing for Laravel websites:
  • Utilizing Model View Controller helps in delivering exceptional architecture to different Laravel websites.
  • We aim to offer you expert solutions that meet the business objectives and allows you to stay ahead in competition with Laravel technology.
  • Our experts website designers work parallelly with developers who use SSH, Cashier, Flysystem, Socialite, and various other basics features necessary for website development.

Website Designing for Shopify Websites

Our experience with Shopify made us perfect to built your website neat and clean. We always recommend to choose our website designing company in gurgaon for Shopify website when you are thinking to start drop shipping business, launching single niche selected products. We Choose those shopify theme which suits for your business and connect your thought with the available options.

Things our website designing company keeps in mind while making an eCommerce website on Shopify:
• Color combination should match the niche which is selected by the client.
• If it is perfectly responsive on mobile devices.
• Text font and their color combination.
• Breadcrumbs are mentioned in the right format.
• Sliders with catchy headings
• Easily navigation to help and support page to make users easily get their doubts cleared

Website Designing for Custom Website

Custom websites are a form of website where features and functions are made based on demands of clients. We happily provide multiple design formats for any custom developed websites, as well a one-month window is given for the final selection of the best design to the client. Acil India, the best website designing company in Gurgaon performs certain activities which enhance the design which looks and feels crazy when it comes to SEO optimization, Fast DOM reading, CSS media queries for mobile responsiveness, use trusted platform for linking & shortcodes like – Fontawesome, flaticons, icons8, etc.

How Our Website Designing Company Team Work?


Under research, we check the low interacted and high interacted performance areas from where the visitor on the website can be converted easily.

Wireframe & Prototype

Website wireframes are mostly low-fidelity, a basic layout. The structural guidelines of the web product layouts and prototypes are advanced wireframes that come with visual detail and interaction. While wireframe is a 2D illustration of the page interface that focuses on space allocation, a prototype is an experimental process where website designers use ideas to tangible forms from paper to digital. We provide multiple options from which clients can choose the best one.


From here the live process starts in the local-host server where we built the finalized prototype by the client.

Changes on demand

After designing, we present it to clients so that they can see what actually their website will look like. Also, we provide twice times option for clients to make changes in the current design which leads to the betterment of website design.

Final Design

After receiving the changes list in the design we implement it and step forward for the development process.

Technologies We use for Website Designing


HTML & CSS are core technologies that are required for designing web pages. While HTML provides the page structure, CSS offers the layout for different devices. Using graphics as well as scripting, HTML and CSS are important for website designing and web applications. We use HTML for publishing online documents, along with headings, text, and photos, etc.


JavaScript is mainly a text-based programming language, which is used for the client-side as well as the server-side. Besides, it also helps in making the web pages interactive. As the top website designing company in Gurgaon, we always opt for JavaScript when it comes to web designing. While HTML & CSS give structure as well as style to web pages, JavaScript offers interactive elements to the web pages for engaging users.


It is a programming language, which is used for developing both static and dynamic websites as well as web applications. PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor that earlier was Personal Home Pages. For website designing, we highly use PHP since it helps in managing dynamic content, session tracking, etc. Moreover, it helps in building e-commerce websites.

MySQL and Mongo

Although both the databases need rich query language, MySQL like other relational databases uses structured query language. Whereas, MongoDB utilizes MongoDB Query Language or MQL. It is designed skillfully to use by the developers. Finally, both MySQL and MongoDB are open-source databases.


Python is mainly an interpreted, high-level programming language that comes with dynamic semantics. It is used by most developers for website designingAt Acil Technologies, we use Python as it emphasizes readability and even lowers the cost of program maintenance. Besides, Python supports modules as well as packages that help in encouraging program modularity.


As the reputed and the topmost website designing company in Gurgaonwe use Zend Framework. It is a collection of professional PHP packages. It comes with more than 570 million installations. Zend is highly used for website designingincluding web applications. Besides, it also provides 100% object-oriented code through a broad spectrum of language features.

FAQ-Website designing company in Gurgaon

How much do I spend on new website design?

Of course, the cost of the website design may vary according to the requirements. Also, our prices depend on so many factors to consider. It would be impossible to say the exact price details about the website design. It requires unique and different components to create a new website design. Most of our new website designs run at affordable prices. So, you can hire us anytime and get a quote from our team.

What will be my website be built on?

Your websites are built as per the guidance of the content management system. It allows us to make a proper update to your site. It includes exclusive coding language depends on your business needs. Our recommendation is to make useful websites build as per the CMS structure. We include FusionCMS, which will be powerful and extremely easy for us to develop a new website.

Do I get the graphic design along with the website design?

Yeah! We will design good graphic outcomes to every website. At the time of designing, we will call you and inform you about the graphic design platforms. We do unlimited revisions before submitting on the deadline. This is also true for our graphic department. We do graphic and logo design along with website design.

Are your website designs are SEO-friendly?

Of course, our website designing company in Gurgaon works according to the SEO requirements. But, we followed only SEO tactics and techniques to gain more audiences to the websites. So, we are working for a long time with an SEO structure designed for your website. Our newly built websites are 100% SEO friendly and best practice to gain audiences soon as possible.

What is my delivery time to launch my website?

In general, your website will launch depends on the complexities. But our usual turnaround is between 3 to 6months as per the requirements. Depend on the client’s satisfaction, and our websites will launch soon as possible. Of course, customers may provide feedback before the due date. So, we work accordingly and launch your websites.

Can I update my old websites instead of the new website design?

If your website has a good and unique physical experience, you can update it from us. Of course, we do updates depends on your requirements. In case you have an old website, we may do updates depends on the current innovation. So, its rise as per the Google rankings and user experience. We care a lot about your budget and do it accordingly. Without any doubt, contact us to update your old websites. We create a benchmark to find out a good time to evaluate options.

Do I get training on how to use my website?

If some customers are struggling to use the websites, our Manager and customer care support help you in possible ways. You can ask anything from us, and we will help one to access their websites friendly. So, you can learn to use the CMS and make updates on your websites. We will record this training and help many customers to achieve a good website for their business. So, you can operate efficiently in the future by having our training to use the websites.

Where should my website be hosted professionally?

Of course, hosting is the superb choice for every website. You can get pay when your websites are completely hosted. As a result, it gives a chance to meet lots of customers for your business sites. Our website designing company in Gurgaon takes over hosting services for every website and find the right price. You may check the list, and it is entirely usable for one to gain absolute favorite hosts for your business. We bring hosting for your sites depend on the user requirements.

How can I get content for my site?

We have a professional and expert team of content developers. They give good content that suits the websites professionally. Also, they update content regularly depends on the requirements. When writing content, we analyze it well and think twice before sharing it to your end. So, you can find the originality in our content writing for your sites. We do it carefully and do updates regularly depends on your requirements. At an additional cost, we will do content writing for you.

Do you use custom templates?

Of course, our team is always ready to provide custom templates for every website design. We care a lot, and it depends on the custom tools used before the design. Our team is giving 100% customized websites that suit the requirements quickly. So, you can get complete satisfaction by hiring us for having custom templates on your website design. We are proud to mention it depends on the company’s success.


John is our friendly and long-term customer. He is our client partner for a long time. We have been working for a long time, and he ordered website design thrice from us. So, we had a good relationship in website design. Thank you, John, for being with us for our website development!

Stephan Augustine is a new customer, and he worked with us for one year before. Now, he is pleased with his website launched by us. Now, he is a successful businessman who owns our website design. We have been working on logo design and custom website template design. Thanks a lot, Stephan, for being my client partner for a long time.

Our team knows Gorge Marie very well. He is sincere and friendly with us. But, of course, he is a very energetic partner to work with. We worked on multilingual PHP projects for website design and development.

Michael is a trusted client partner who has been working with us for a long time. We have worked with custom website design and plug-in development. He also recommended his buddies hire us and get in touch with us for future projects. Thank you so much, our dearest client.

We congrats our beloved client partner Arjun, who worked with us for website design and development. He was so polite and genuine in his work. Customers can watch his video from our site to gain trust in us.

Thanks, Pankaj, for your kind recommendations on our company. We will be grateful for you to meet the pleasure people recommended by your site. We are happy to introduce our projects to everyone.

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