Avoid Hiring a Bad Web Design Compan

How a web design company or Website Designer scam with a client? What needs to check before hiring them?

A lot of people want a good website and they looking for the best website designer who makes this website good and attractive. In the market, there is a lot of website designer who is working as a freelancer. They have made a website as a part-time basis and told the client that we are a web designing company. They will take advance money from the website and did not call again or they gave a bad product to their clients. Here in this article, we guide how you choose the best web designing company among them.

If you are looking for a website that performs or beats to your competitor, then you need to select a company who is stable and have an in-house team that works properly on your project as a full-time basis. You need to check a few things below choosing a web design company: –

  • The company should be a good in-house team where developers and designers are working on a full-time basis.
  • The company should be registered as Private Limited Company or in LLP
  • A company having a strong portfolio
  • Review and Rating of clients
  • Take a proper interview with their designers and developers before telling their requirements.

How a website designer scam you?

Most website designers are fresher’s and don’t have experience. They will take a requirement for the client end and raise a low budget cost to take advance money. After receiving the money, they will not pick the call. Most of the website designers deliver your project but not able to give you services on time, and they are busy in office work because they are working on a full-time basis. In that case, the client will not get a good response and their project was not delivered properly or not get any services properly. We guide you to please avoid such time of website designers.

How website designing companies scam you?

There is a lot of start-up company in the market where he takes a project in low budget and after that refuse to provide services. The client chooses such time of company before checking their old records or client and gave them projects due to a low budget. They are taking the amount from clients and after then never pick your call or did not provide you services.

Few scams done by website designer are: –

Holding your website domain or Hijacking your website

You must purchase a domain at your end. A lot of Website designers hold the domain and hosting and charge you extra cost or amount to deliver them. You need to make sure that the domain and hosting details will be booked with your email account

Provide you free or paid theme but told you that is was custom code work

A lot of designer and developer provides you theme in design which is not good for a website. Avoid theme-based work and choose custom code. It will increase website speed and performance. Designers will provide you a free theme or paid theme which makes website performance and quality low.

Old version websites and tell you that it was updated

Almost clients did not check the version of the website designed by the client. They just quote with a brand name or platform name. The client needs to check what the new version is launched. You will get it easily by searching on the internet or need to check its official website of that language or Framework

Show you different client portfolio and tell you that they made it

If you are asking for a portfolio they will show you different portfolio which was not done by that company. You need to check the company name at the bottom. If product design by that company, then he must be mentioned at bottom i.e design and developed by. A lot of clients told to remove it in that case you need to call that client and ask them his services providers

Take your money and did not provide you with work.

There are so many cases in India that website designers take advanced money and did not provide services. Every client must be checked background before choosing a website designer.

Sell your products and after that did not provides you support

If the client thinks that product delivered, website designer work finish then you have wrong thought. On the website, you need to make changes and support every day or in a month according to the requirement. The website Designer will purchase a product from the theme and sell it to clients. If the client needs changes again they will not able to do it because that product was not designed by them. It was a paid theme where changes or improvement is difficult.

What needs to check before hiring a website designer?

If you want your products will grow in the market, then you need to hire a good website designer for your products. Here are the few points you need to check before asking them for a proposal.

Check Company Name Registration Online

If you need a good company, then you need to check their registration where it registered. You need to verify the address, Landline No, and other address details before choosing them.

Check their portfolio done by him and verify

You need to check the portfolio done by that website designing company. Sometimes Website Designer provides you fake portfolio. You need to check the company name mentioned on that website. Here you find designed and developed by mentioned in the bottom

The company must have an in-house team

You need to check that company has a proper in-house team, or they work as a freelance. Most companies don’t have a team and pick those projects. You need to verify

Take an interview by asking them about that platform

Suppose if you are looking for the magneto development. You need to check their magneto developer’s knowledge if possible.

Must have signed a legal agreement before assigning them projects

Every client must prepare a legal agreement between the company and client where he mentioned everything. He needs to mention each and everything where the scope of work, version, platform, and delivery will have mentioned. If web design company cheat, you then you can file a case against him

These are the few things that every client needs to check before choosing a website designing company. If you want to learn that how you manage your website yourself or you want to verify the work done by website designer them, we provide a web designing course in online or offline mode.

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