Skills to Look for when you hire top React Js Developers

React JS engineers are usually hired by companies that need UI developers or those that want to improve their current UI framework with a new one.

React js engineers are software engineers who build applications that are powered by React js.

React js is a JavaScript library which was created by the team at Facebook with the intention that it would be open source and free for all to use.

Why React js Developers Demand is Increasing?

There are many reasons why demand is increasing in the field of react js developers. Major reasons include advancements in technology and increased demand for product development.

One of the top competitive advantages that companies have is their ability to innovate and create new products faster than their competitors can. This is a result of having access to a reliable team of experts with the right skillsets, who work faster and more efficiently than others.

Innovation has been driving business growth since time immemorial; it has been a key factor driving the success of many businesses today. One such business that demonstrates this success story is Microsoft Corporation, which offers a variety of software products and services for customers worldwide.

The demand for React professionals has increased substantially in the recent years. This phenomenon can be explained with some reasons such as increasing adoption of React among open source projects and increasing popularity of React libraries and frameworks like Angular, Vue and others. This demand has increased so much that companies are now hiring individuals with a good knowledge of React to lead their development team.

React JS demand is increasing because it is not just among open source projects, it is also considered as one of the most popular JavaScript library used today. With high adoption rate, which means more projects and companies are using it, this demand will only increase further.

Skills to look for when you hire top ReactJS engineers?

With a lot of companies using ReactJS in their products, it is not easy to find top ReactJS engineers who can help you out with your project. Here are some skills that will help you find the perfect ReactJS engineer for your project:


When hiring top ReactJS engineers, it’s important to make sure they have the skills that they need to be productive. HTML and CSS are some of the most important skills that your ReactJS engineers should have.

HTML and CSS are two of the most fundamental programming languages for web development. They are used for defining content on a website, coding interactivity and animations, embedding other apps into websites, and much more. These languages also help developers create cross-platform apps that work with different browsers.

While HTML is a markup language used for writing web pages, CSS is a style sheet language used to apply various styles to different parts of a webpage.


Most of the time, hiring ReactJS engineers is more difficult than writing ReactJS code. This is because you have to go through a lot of rounds of interviews. JSX provides a way for engineers to show their skills and experience in a concise way so that hiring managers can decide which candidate best fits their needs.

Writing ReactJS code means that you need to work with JavaScript. However, JSX provides a way for the person to showcase their experience in another language without having to write it by hand.

Besides providing an easy-to-read and concise format, JSX allows the person to include all sorts of content such as images, video or even data graphs and charts.

JavaScript Fundamentals Along with ES6

In terms of complexity and flexibility, JavaScript Fundamentals will teach you how to write robust code that can be understood by a typical web developer. On the other side, ES6 will help you make your code more efficient and scalable.

When hiring top ReactJS engineers, JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6 is important because it will help the company to stay competitive in the long run.


Git is an important part of the software development life cycle that helps move or track changes in a file or set of files. Most engineering teams use it to keep track of the codebase and all changes.

Git understand source code and can automatically run scripts on the code to make sure that what you see is what you get. It also allows for collaboration with other team members, which leads to greater efficiency and productivity when working on a project.

The importance of Git comes into play when you are hiring top ReactJS engineers because it helps them be more efficient by improving their workflow.

Git is a popular version control system for managing changes to the source code. It is quite important when hiring top ReactJS engineers because it allows them to keep track of their work and even revert any changes if necessary.

Saving time and effort

  • Git helps developers save time by not having to constantly back up their work, merge their changes with other people’s, and so on.
  • Git allows developers to understand who did what without needing to look at the history of a project.   
  • It also helps show how different versions were made while not losing data or breaking anything that was updated since then.
  • Versioning in Git can be done by branching off into multiple projects of the same thing, which makes it easier for companies to keep track of how many projects they’re working.

Node + npm

With Node + npm, it is easy to hire top-notch engineers because they are available in the market. The JavaScript framework has made it easier for a company to hire developers who can take advantage of cutting-edge software and technologies.

Node + npm are important for when you hire top ReactJS engineers because it helps them develop faster and easier with all the necessary tools available from the beginning.


When hiring top ReactJS engineers, there are several factors to consider like their experience and skill set. But one thing that you should definitely have in mind is Redux since it is becoming a necessity for developer skillsets.

Redux is a modern JavaScript library that makes it easy to create and manage an application’s state. It is considered to be the “Swiss army knife” for developing ReactJS applications.

Redux helps in avoiding common pitfalls such as flaky user interactions, performance nightmares, and code spaghetti. It also eliminates the need for manual state management with complex object graphs and can increase overall system comprehension.

Most importantly, Redux provides a predictable API that your developers can use over time without breaking any functionality or bugs. This can be especially important when you have a team of engineers working on a project of any size.

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