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SEO Factors for Best Website Designing

Website designing is a key to become a big brand, it indulges the programming and UI/UX designer hard research and dedication to build a web page that speaks to visitors on the website.

Things that matter while doing website designing by Keeping in mind that SEO is a key factor to present our best designs in front of visitors.

Webp Images and Embed video

WebP images are the reduced size of richer images, it is better than jpg, png, SVG, tiff, etc. formats. WebP has advantages in website Designing because it reduces the loading time, acquires less space in storage, the only format which supports transparency and animation.

Easy Navigation Header

Good designs talk to the visitor, Expressing items of header in a way that increase the CTA. You can start with making sidebars separate from a header, use of a new header while scrolling and fixed on top, Always show the call to action button, etc.

Mobile Friendly

Keeping layout flexible to all mobile devices with high visuals, greet with main categories first, directly talking about customers or clients interests and many more.

Heading hierarchy in Body

A mobile page should follow this structure like all most important heading should be explained first then the second important heading and then the least important headings.


Breadcrumb basically is a second way to show users the exact navigation of page formats. unlike in web URL, not much people think to read but through breadcrumbs, they understand the exact page positions, most helpful in e-commerce websites and directory websites.

Benefits of doing website Designing with SEO Structures

  • Increase in CTA
  • Google Craw and Index faster
  • AMP implementation help to rank and load faster in browsers
  • Long Content influences more and increase the credibility
  • URL structure value counting in Google algorithms

Website which follows Best SEO practice with their great designs

It is a well-known brand for providing coupons, gift cards, for almost every brand. They are also associated with famous banks to provide ultimate offers on purchases and transactions via bank wallets.

When we look at Grabon you will be able to see in their store page that they have started with  H1 tag for heading and then after their coupons listing above the footer, they have started writing content that helps their visitor to understand the particular brand offers, promo codes and coupons as well as it helps in SEO to rank first on google. The Internal links are also linked with the similar brands on each and every page which give a boost to the page for ranking and better website designing. In content, you will see each paragraph is well block-level optimized and some descriptions under the heading are writing in bullet points. All writing content is not disturbing the main area of the web page, that is why Grabon is the best example for Great website Designing with the best SEO practice.

eCommerce Websites

Amazon and Flipkart both are giants in the industry of eCommerce market. both are well known for buying any goods online at reasonable prices, Amazon is American based company where Flipkart is an Indian based company, their founder had done a great job in creating online opportunities for many businesses and for affiliate marketers.

Every eCommerce website gives more priority to its product page because most visitors get fully descriptive details on the product page. Because the product page contains a lot of information a good website designer need to implement a highly experimented designer to increase the ROI of the product.

For example:- We take a look at amazon website product pages, it has created a 2 div section in single row that means in one part of the left side they show images of the product with vertical-align carousal to show a different angle of products in their images. On the second side (right side) it started with H1 tag as a title, Each page should contain a H1 tag because of the SEO ranking factor, under the title they show rich snippets for rating and no. of FAQ’s available for the product, this help users to trust product in a single view without scrolling to rating and review section.

The second subsection goes below the rating for mini description to get a glance of the item, and short snippets of their policies like a refund or replace, warranty period, no-contact delivery, this helps users to gain trust and that create a reaction from users to purchase faster from the website. below this row, the section starts for full-fledged description, and similar good suggestions, all explaining this because meant to know that how a big brand has created a new as well as retaining customers for themselves.

SEO factors in the amazon products page

Title:- h1 tag

mini description:- Bullet points

full-fledge description:-  Short paragraph about products including rich media content.

Links:- Internal Linking with similar products.

Comment Section:- For content update, this works as autogenerated content by their purchasing customer.

Why SEO is important in website designing?

Before 2014, People use to create backlinks for websites to rank them faster. In the year 2013 – 2014 Google research and development team identify that people are creating the wrong impact on the visitors searching their query for a better result on the google search engine. Google is known best search engine because it provides a good user experience, considering this into knowledge Google made big updates with an announcement on their Twitter in the year 2014 that they have introduced a new algorithm for best website results, and it says that we focus more on content and the designing of the website, a website who gives good user visibility, readability, unique content, with unique website designing will be ranked first on google the first page.

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