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How to setup Live Streaming Website

Live Streaming has created its existence in today’s highly competitive business world, serving in several industries for different purposes. Some businesses offer free, and some offer paid solutions for live Streaming. Indeed it has become a vital solution for creating seamless connections with potential audiences.

Even global organizations such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and other social media platforms offer the live streaming facility to the users. Therefore, we can understand the importance of integrating live-streaming platforms. It provides more professional touch to your website with better control over your content.

According to a report by Marketwatch, “Owners of video-streaming platforms generally don’t think about the figures. However, the fact is, the live streaming industry is expected to reach $124.57 Billion by 2025.

There are several ways to live stream; however, an eye-catching and professional website is helpful to add more value to your business. At ACIL, our developers know the necessary process of creating live streaming websites and essential features to integrate into them. Irrespective of business size and niche, several industries such as eCommerce, real estate, healthcare, etc., are offering live video streaming solutions to their consumers.

Let’s go deeper.

What is a Website Live Streaming?

Using a website streaming solution, you can broadcast your videos online through your website. A live streaming website hosts live streams. With the help of our professional website developers, you can easily get a high-performing and customer-centric live streaming website.

How We Help Businesses?

We have been building highly efficient web development solutions for the streaming industry for a long time. Our team is skilled and highly professional in creating intuitive and dedicated websites for live Streaming for your business requirements.

How to Build a Live Stream Website

Business Vision

First, you need to know what live streaming platform is suitable for meeting your business goals. In this way, you have to give a clear vision to your business to avoid going in the wrong direction. Find out your competitors and set your domain. Know your customers and formalize your live streaming platform with a vision statement.

Specify Functional Specifications

We help you create functional specifications for your live streaming website and create the best logic and features for your website. It also incorporates the functional requirements and non-functional requirements to meet your business goals.

Tech stack

Choose the platform to power up your live streaming website. We also help you know third-party services to integrate. We create database schema, server architecture and other required live streaming solutions.

Programming languages: HTML5/CSS3

Frameworks: React, Node.js

Databases: MySQL

Media containers: MP4, FLV.

Cloud platforms: Amazon EC2, Amazon S3.

Analytics: Flurry Analytics, Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Presto, MixPanel, Google Mobile App Analytics, Spark, Localytics, Mode, Parquet.

CDN services: Amazon CloudFront

Streaming protocols: Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming, RTMP, Apple HTTP Live Streaming, M2TS, MPEG-DASH, WebRTC, RTSP/RTP.

Media formats: MKV, MOV, AVCHD, AVI, FLV, WMV, SWF, MP4, DMW.

Codecs: FFmpeg, XviD, H.264/AVC.

Geolocation: Google Maps API, MapKit/Core Location frameworks (for iOS).


We create and engaging and dynamic design for your live streaming website. First, we visualize the elements and vision of the website by creating sketches. Then, our team utilize the suitable wireframe for screening your website. After getting approval for the prototype, we start developing the website design.


Now we start developing the front-end and back-end of the website and integrating the required third-party tools like payment gateway. We integrated comprehensive cloud architecture for streaming a large amount of data. Then, we create website MVP, including essential features such as live streaming player, user profile and others. In this manner, we minimize risks for your business and validate its concept.

Choose the Right WordPress Theme:

  • Vlog
  • Video Pro
  • Motiovix
  • PixieHuge
  • GoodGame

Choosing the Right Plugins:

  • Broadcast Live Video
  • WebinarPress
  • Twitch for WordPress
  • Yoast SEO


To make the launch successful, the QA team tests the live streaming website and ensures that the website elements function correctly. We use both manual and automation testing to ensure an error-free website.

Launch of the Website

After testing the website successfully, we launch your live streaming website. The professional team provides proper maintenance and support, so we maintain the website’s hassle-free functioning in case of any issues.

How We Help You Monetize Your Live Streaming Website

Along with the required features, you must know the business model for your streaming platform and make it profitable. We offer four different monetization strategies and integrate them while developing a live streaming website:

  • Advertisement
  • Premium features
  • Subscriptions
  • Partner programs

How businesses can benefit from a live streaming website

Well, a good way for a business to benefit from live-streamed content is to interview an industry leader. This is invaluable because it will make that business seem like the authority in its particular industry. The company will have no problem selling its brands when this occurs.

Business owners can also answer any questions that their viewers may have about a particular brand. Not only does this increase engagement and interaction, but it also show the viewers that the business owner cares about them. This makes them feel valued, and people who feel valued tend to make more purchases!

Live streaming websites also allowed business owners to show customers and prospects exactly how their brands worked in real life. This made many of the viewers very curious, and if the demos were done correctly, it engaged them to the point where they were interested in purchasing the brands that were being demonstrated.

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