Website Designing user experience

How to improve the Website Designing user experience

No doubt creating a marvellous website experience for your clients will add four moons to your new business. Creating a website page for your business is the first step of stabilizing your business. However, an interactive webpage is not enough because hundreds of new people associate with your website daily.

Hence creating a website that provides massive customer service is not enough, but they should also add a fantastic user experience for their clients and visitors.

If you are searching for some tips to provide a better user experience for your clients, then you are at the right place, here we will discuss some beneficial tips to enhance your user experience, but before this, let us take a glance at its benefits:-

  • If your website struggles with bounce rates, visitors leave your page without moving towards the next page. Then this will lower the rates of bounce.
  • A good user experience will enhance the conversion rates of your business.
  • A remarkable user experience will associate with happy customers that may turn out to be your regular ones.

With these three core factors of any business, we will discuss some valuable tips for the better experience of your visitors. Scroll down to know more.

The contents and Fonts should be readable to your customers

This is something that should keep in the center while creating a web page for their business. Every business tries its best to make its website attractive to its visitors, but it should not leave behind the fonts and colors of the website.

They should also work on the typography, layouts, and color choices to make it easier to understand. Some survey reports also reveal that focusing on font and colors may decrease the bounce rates.

When clients understand what you are trying to say, it will automatically lower the bounce rate and increase the business’s conversion rates. Even a study says that 46% of consumers switch to another website if they do not understand its motto.

Time of page loading

The time of page loading of any business is the most vital factor to increase the user experience. Now take a moment to think that if you clicked on a website and it took more than one minute, what would you do? You will switch to another page.

Even a digital survey reveals that 53% of the visitors leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds. The websites that take too much time in loading can irritate their customers, which affects their decision to visit your website further. And when this happens with the customer visiting your site for the first time, it increases the chances of ignorance of your site.

If your website is also making trouble while loading, then work on the issues. As per some digital marketing studies, your business site’s conversion rates will reach up to 74% due to the loading speed of your site.

Cut off the disturbing elements of your website

As we mentioned above, how slow loading speed could slow down your traffic to a website? Sometimes people hire inexperienced digital creators who may not focus on various factors such as compressing the files, cleaning of errors that may slow down your site as 17% of users complain about the picture size.

While in the case of free website tools such as fancy themes and other overloaded elements may create hurdles in the growth of your website. Besides this, your website may have to deal with the following issues:-

  • Oversized images
  • Unnecessary videos
  • Poorly coded plugins
  • Improper hosting of the web server
  • Outer Scripts
  • Not valuable compression

After finding the reason for the slow loading of your website, make a proper strategy to cut off these elements from sites. One can use some free tools to check the speed of your website, which will also tackle the cause of your slower pace of the site.

Security of your website

Security comes first when it comes to better user experience, as more than 20% of your customers face some security issues while doing mobile shopping. Your customers will trust you only when their bank details are safe on your website.

People are less interested when they find difficulties in their online payment. If your website has robust security, you can smoothly build up a trustworthy relationship with your customers. With this, your website will attract more new clients and automatically heightens your conversion rates.

Catchy Headlines

Headlines play a very influential role in attracting your clients with good traffic. The headlines of your content should be like what your customer is looking for. Along with this, your headline should be catchy that forces the audience to go through its content.

To make your heading worth of search engine optimization, put on the main keyword in it to target the most suitable audience to their web page. Not just potential customers, it also helps to rank well in various engines. Adding numbers will also help to engage traffic. So next time, before uploading your content, re-check your main heading.

The website should be mobile-friendly

We live in the era of digitization, and most of the generation accesses their internet through their mobile phones.

According to some stats –

  • More than 50% of traffic on the website comes from mobile phones.
  • 52% of your customers may run away from your site due to a bad mobile experience.
  • 74% of users return to mobile-friendly websites.

By looking at the above data, you may have understood the importance of having a mobile-friendly website.

Final Words!

We all know how important the internet is for this generation, especially for business purposes. With some exceptional business strategies, entrepreneurs can use digital media as their robust weapon to grow their business. Although, digital marketing is good for online as well as offline corporations.

All we need to enhance the quality of the user experience. To make your user experience super-duper, keep in mind these ideas mentioned above and provide great exposure of your services to your clients with high conversion rates and lower bounce rates.

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