Healthcare Website Designing

Factors to keep in mind for healthcare website designing

With the rising demand for healthcare services combined with increased efficiency in information transmission offered by the internet, there is an unending need for quick and easy access to healthcare services. This calls for streamlined websites that make it easy and efficient for users to book appointments, track their previous reports, get access to accurate information, and find clinics and hospitals near them. Well-formatted and thoughtfully developed websites allow companies to build their reputation in the market and enable greater traffic over the course of time.

Data has shown that medical websites generate one of the largest amounts of traffic which is essential for an organization to tap into if it seeks a successful business with a sustainable future. Traditional methods of seeking medical care are quickly getting replaced by modern and easier methods. Search engines like Google have proven to be effective when it comes to providing people with relevant, location, and need-based searches which have required clinics and medical websites to update their websites in hopes of luring more users to their websites, therefore, increasing their reach.

Website designing for doctors

Independent clinics and doctors have been shifting to more effective ways to market themselves and garner more profits by incorporating online services. Generally, organizations with more resources can get better-looking and more feature-rich websites that not only provide medical information and allow a user to find the appropriate treatment in a particular medical branch but also manage to look graphically stunning and gain more attention due to the visual appeal.

Clinics and doctors looking to create a website that is indicative of the quality they offer in their services, can create their websites with easy-to-use tools like WordPress and focus on making it easy to navigate. This requires the website to show basic and most important details about the services and with a knowledge resource that a user can use to determine the treatment that they need for their particular condition.

Here are a few samples of how independent clinics and doctors have developed their online infrastructure:

Dr. Nivedita Dadu’s Dermatology Clinic

Dr. Nivedita Dadu’s Dermatology Clinic

This India-based clinic offers skincare treatments for conditions like aging, pigmentation, acne scars, hair fall, stretch marks, and many more. The website is appropriately designed as the header contains contact numbers of the clinic that saves a lot of time that goes into establishing contact with a medical establishment. The phone number and email address are accompanied by the links to their social media pages which show their presence over a multitude of platforms. Furthermore, quick links to the information that can be vital to a new visitor is provided just below the contact information enlisting the different treatments that are provided, the various conditions that they offer services for, an image gallery that allows a user to tour their facility, etc. The website also acts as a resource for medical information related to various skin conditions and health tips. The largest area on the website is covered by a video showing different skincare treatments with an overlay that displays the name of the clinic. Finally, the footer includes a button to schedule a consultation with the clinic with the rating that is scored by the clinic. All of this makes for a functional design that is easy to navigate and saves a lot of effort.

Dr. Shilpi Bhadani

Dr. Shilpi Bhadani

Dr. Shilpi Bhadani specializes in plastic surgery and her website says it all. With a header that incorporates easy to access quick links and a logo in the middle, links to her social media pages, and a button to book an appointment, this website works as well as it looks. There is a link to her in the website header that Includes useful insights about plastic surgery, tattoo removal, etc. A high-quality image of a model depicting ‘the perfect face’ as the website encourages you to “Revamp yourself to perfection” is displayed which adds to the overall color scheme and since the background is monochromatic, it doesn’t interfere with other colors on the page. Scrolling further reveals Dr. Shilpi Bhadani’s bio followed by video procedures, treatments, video testimonials, and blogs. Finally, the footer of the website includes contact details and the clinic’s address. This type of website is easy to design with elements that are simple to handle for a content management system.

Website designing for hospitals

Hospitals generally have greater resources when compared to independent entities like doctors and independent clinics. This allows them to use their budget for designs that look better and offer more features like maintaining patient reports on a server and better response times to patient inquiries. Hospitals lead the evolution of medical sciences and need systems that allow them to generate footfall and better profits. These profits can then be reinvested in their online resources and research.

Here are a few examples of various hospitals and their website designs



Medanta is one of the most technologically rich hospitals in India with great patient service. Medanta has continuously led the innovation the medical healthcare which is evident in the infrastructure that it uses. Its website design displays simplicity and doesn’t compromise on important features like contact information alongside the emergency number, quick links to find a doctor for your ailment, treatments, specialties, etc., a button to book an appointment, a special link to get a cancer second opinion and a search bar to find a particular doctor in a branch or get a suggestion for your ailment in the middle. The search bar is an easy and effective way of saving a user’s time and effort, moreover, it is easy to find as it takes up a significant amount of space. There is a side menu to send a message to the hospital which requires the user to enter the name and email address in order to do so. The footer of the website offers links for providing feedback and other links related to their social media and the location of their establishments in different Indian states and cities. This website enables a hassle-free experience that encourages the user to stay on it for longer periods of time.

Mount Sinai Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital

This US-based hospital has made a name for itself in the medical industry as they have been affiliated with the US open even catering to the tennis athletes. They manage to keep their website design clean and well organized despite the number of elements that are being displayed at once. The header displays an option to translate the website into different languages along with colored quick links to bill payment, news, etc., and another section of links leading to ‘requesting appointments. The body of the page consists of images that display developments in the space of medical domain carried out by Mount Sinai Hospital. The slider includes various images with text overlayed in a way that doesn’t interfere with the image. A section divided into two can be seen below these images where an option to receive remote care via online consultancy, video call, or text is available on the left, whereas, the right side carries a button to book an appointment with a doctor. The footer of the website carries the links to Mount Sinai’s social media, patient information, research and education, and other links of significance. This design encourages speedy navigation that can be the difference between a website that lacks critical patient assistance compared to a website that allows quick and seamless addressal.

Website designing for Pathology Laboratories

Pathology labs are high in demand due to the need for increased testing to detect medical conditions that patients might be suffering from. Owing to this, pathology labs have made it more accessible for patients to get themselves tested with online portals that are easy to use, responsive patient support, live chat, and much more. During the COVID-19 pandemic, pathology labs have been a vital part of the medical infrastructure as they tested millions of people for COVID-19. Path labs have emerged as a helping hand for hospitals that don’t possess the infrastructure required for the testing and have to outsource it.

Here are some examples of Path labs website designs

Dr. Lal Path Labs

Lal Path lab

Being one of the most reputed Path Labs in India, Dr. Lal Path labs has etched their name as an organization that started out with a few resources but build on it to get to where they are today. Its website design promotes simplicity with clean and well-organized elements as the header contains contact information, a link to log into the user account followed by quick links. The body incorporates information about the new test for COVID-19 antibodies and quick access to patient reports. Options for home collection and a yellow button to book a test appointment can be seen. Lastly, the footer contains important links related to patients and doctors. This design is elegant as it provides ample information without sacrificing the cleanliness of the design. 

Dr. Dangs Lab

Dangs Lab

Dr. Dangs Lab is also a name that holds great value in the Indian medical industry as it has completed a long service tenure and has developed a considerable amount of infrastructure over the course of time. The design it uses for its website is unique and unmatched by others. Dr. Dangs Lab’s website takes you through their journey and the collection of services that are offered by them. This is one of the only websites that focuses on the information related to the development of the organization right at the start. This shows their pride in what they do and the quality of service they are expected to render. The design, while being unconventional, makes use of the screen real estate and displays color schemes that look professional. The header includes the logo a text that reads ‘Quintessential Quality Diagnostics’ with a button to book a test appointment on the top right corner. The main body displays the lab’s achievements and the various tests it offers. Finally, the footer contains the location of their other establishments and a feedback form. An icon to bring up a menu including links to book appointments for different types of tests can be seen in the bottom left corner.

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