Best Programming Languages to build eCommerce Website

Best Programming Languages to build eCommerce Website

If you need an eCommerce website, Lot of companies suggest you build in Magento, Angular, React, Open Cart, Laravel, or PHP. You are confused that which one we need to choose among them. Everyone told you about the advantages and disadvantages of each language. It was confused to you that what you need to choose for your eCommerce solution. Before that, you need to understand the difference between Custom Programming Languages Vs Ready to Use Framework

Difference between Custom Coding vs Framework

Today I will tell you the difference between the framework and core coding. As you know Magento, Open Cart, and Laravel is a Framework where React, Core PHP is a custom coding. In Framework everything is already built, If you need any features, in the framework it was easily available. The developer needs to install it and use it.

Apart from that in Core PHP or React or Node, A developer can build each feature by custom coding whatever your requirement. If you need anything functionality, He needs to Develop it in the backend as well as frontend

There are a lot of advantages of Custom Code. Few of them are : –

  • The developer can integrate any features according to your requirement
  • Custom code is flexible and we can handle everything
  • You do not need to use anything outside the coding like third party plugin, extension, etc
  • You can modify whatever you want. There is no limitation

Disadvantages of Custom Code: –

  • It takes a lot of time to build features rather than a framework
  • It is costly to build
  • We need to test each feature while making any changes
  • We need an expert developer to build such types of applications

There are a lot of advantages to Framework. Few of them are: –

  • It has ready to use plugin or extension for development
  • You can get a lot of tested features extra in the framework
  • You get daily updates and security patches in the framework
  • It automatically updated

Disadvantages of Framework: –

  • It has limitation to the developer to build any functionality or features
  • You can’t modify 100% to theme
  • There is a lot of unused field in the backend it creates problem to clients
  • There is no privacy and safety
  • It is too complex to use
Magento Development

What is Magneto? Why it is so popular?

Magneto is an open-source framework used to build an eCommerce application. We have pre inbuilt a lot of features as per the eCommerce requirement. In Magneto, Magneto Development Company provides you a lot of paid or free extension which are used in eCommerce like Multivendor, Store Locator, and other features. These features are available on the Magento official website. Magento is built on Zend PHP Programming Languages. There are few of Magento, some of them are : –

  • It is built for the Ecommerce Platform so it is fully tested for eCommerce business.
  • It has a lot of inbuilt features where no customization needed
  • We can manage multiple stores in Magento which is available through the extension
  • It is scalable

Disadvantages of Magento:-

  • It is not user friendly
  • It is Expensive
  • Load handling is difficult in Magento, if a lot of data come then we can’t handle the load
  • 100% of Customization is not feasible in Magento. We need to use the same features which provide by Magento
Laravel Development

What is Laravel? 

Laravel is a web framework which is used to develop an application for large business, applications. It is simple to use with great features. Laravel work on MVC Structure which help Laravel developer to develop a big application in small code. It is a PHP Based Framework where we can use core PHP coding also. There are a lot of inbuilt features in Laravel Development that can make developer work easier. Few of them are Authentication, Sessions, Routing, Middleware and Get and Post Methods, Views, and Modules. For Security Reason, Laravel is the best framework

Advantages of Laravel Framework : –

  • Laravel provides high safety which secures your website for malware or cyber attack.
  • Laravel has own authentication functionality which help developer to build application easily.
  • It develops a template with Blade Templating, Developer can use blade views template to create pages of the application
  • Laravel has MVC Architecture.
  • It has a lot of pre-built libraries
  • User-Friendly Code
  • Fast Response

Disadvantages of Laravel Framework : –

  • Lack of Inbuild Support
  • Minor Problems due to supports
  • Upgrades Problems

What is Core PHP and What are its benefits?

Core PHP is a basic PHP language used to build web applications or dynamic applications with web content. It is based on core Principle PHP Programming to make any type of application. Today PHP Version 7.3 is Launched in the market. It supports all types of operating systems and browsers. PHP is known as server-side scripting languages for the web.

Benefits of Core PHP : –

  • Core PHP is easy available
  • It is user friendly and easy to use in any type of application
  • 100% Customisation is feasible in Core PHP Programming
  • The Syntax of PHP is very easy and any can understand if you have a little bit of knowledge of coding.

Limitations of Core PHP

  • Development is too costly in Core PHP Framework
  • No inbuild functionality available in Core PHP. Developer need to build everything
Node and React Development

What is Node and React Development? Why is it so popular?

Node is used to develop a backend and React is used for frontend development. By using Node, we can build any backend functionality, eCommerce application, and other application. It is safe and fast. React often used to build frontend application with is faster than all types of other languages

Advantages of Node and React Application: –

  • These applications are faster for large or small scale of business
  • Fully Secure
  • Easy Maintain Large scale of Data
  • It supports Mongo Database which can store large no of data

Limitations of Core PHP

  • Development is too costly in Node and React
  • The developer is less in the market, You can’t find easily resource for Node and React Development


Hello Friends, Here we discuss a lot of coding platform which made an eCommerce application. Well, it depends upon the requirement what is want to make. Suppose if you need a big platform and lot of customization then you need to go with React and Node Development if Feasible or if you have less budget then you go with Laravel Development or PHP Development. If you have common e-commerce required or just like Flipkart or amazon with multivendor features then you can get with Magento eCommerce Development. There are few more frameworks like Open Cart and other but as my experience, I did not recommend Open Cart due to slow speed and performance. Well if you need more discussion on the above programming languages or need to discuss a project then you can feel free to contact us.

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